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I’m having trouble editing my PDF and the font doesn't look like it should or I can’t insert the picture!


That can happens when the PDF opens automatically with another program besides Adobe Acrobat Reader, or even is Adobe Acrobat Reader but an older version. 

Don't worry. It's very simple to solve it!

You just have to install the FREE and latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be download here:

Now it is very *important* to delete the PDF you first had (because it was already opened with other program and it may caused corruption) and download again the PDF from Etsy.

Now just make sure to first open your PDF with Adobe Reader: 

Locate the Adobe Acrobat Reader in your computer and Open it. Then please click in "File" -> "Open" and locate your PDF Template in you computer.


My picture flips when I insert it!


This happens because for this size the image must have less than 2MB. In order to reduce the size of the image without compromise the quality follow the steps:

- For Windows Users:

- For MAC users (you'll want to have an image size between 1MB and 2MB):

The spacing in my template is not looking right


To edit spacing click in ‘More’ at the right of the 'Form Field Text Properties Bar’

More instructions editing the spacing you’ll find in this tutorial:



A “plus” sign it’s appearing in my PDF


Sometimes it can happens when the Adobe Acrobat Reader “thinks” the texts is not fitting very well to the space. So to remove it follow these instructions:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Click menu “Acrobat Reader -> Preferences”

  • Under Categories, select Forms

  • Uncheck "Show text field overflow indicator” -> Close the program

  • When you reopen the document, the + sign will not appear, and it will not be printed.


My PDF is printing upside down on the back page 


Sometimes double sided printing can print upside down. To print it right go to option "Printer"

of the Print section (left bottom corner) then select "Two-Sided" -> "Details" then in “Two-Sided" select "Short-Edged binding”.


When I upload my template to a online print shop, all my editions don’t appear


Some websites would just allow uploads in JPG or flatten PDF. 

  • To convert PDF to JPG image on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the 'Preview' app from your Application folder.

  2. Open the PDF you wish to convert.

  3. Click File > Export.

  4. Select 'JPEG' from the 'Format' dropdown menu.

  5. Click Save.


We're more than happy to convert it to either of these options for you. Just send us your edited PDF

and let me know if you need it in JPG or PDF.


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How to Edit

Editing your PDF Template


How to Print

How to Print your Printables

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